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Erection happens when a person experiences mental and sensory stimulation. Impulses are then sent by the brain to the nerve. When this happens, muscles along corpora cavernosa relax allowing blood flow. The pressure of the blood causes penile enlargement and erection.
Erection is sustained by tunica albuginea, a part of the reproductive organ that helps trap blood in corpora cavernosa. Erection can be reversed when the muscles contracts causing open channels in which the blood outflows.

Zenerx assists in increasing blood flow to the penis. It acts by reducing the prolactin and thus increases the level of testosterone. This is very important for a long and strong erection.
Zenerex works like Viagra but it does much more than increasing the use of nitric oxide, a chemical necessary for erection. Viagra is known for treating Erectile Dysfunction, which is normally caused by a low libido or small weak erection.

Zenerx provides more than Viagra. Zernex contains unique herbal ingredients that are formulated to give positive effect on penile erection, blood flow to corpora cavernosa and men's overall health. Nutrients are included to help cover all aspects of ED and male sexual performance. Furthermore; Zenerex provides these nutrients to assist in preventing conditions that cause fragile erectile dysfunction.

Zenerx Viagra Ingredient Benefits Effect on Sexual Performance
v v Increase use of nitric oxide The chemical needed to increase blood flow to the penis and have an erection.
v Increases testosterone level in the blood It helps having healthy libido, quicker recuperation and strength improvements.
v Lower the level of prolactin An increase level of prolactin can cause erectile dysfunction.
v Circulatory health improvement A healthy circulatory system helps strong and normal blood flow to the male organ.
v High sperm production and motility Zenerx can help produce healthier sperm and stronger ejaculation.
v Healthier skin, tissue and muscle It increases the control, stamina and sensitivity. It also helps reduce recovery time.
v Nervous system improvement Strengthened nervous system and sensitivity allowing for the highest gratification and receptiveness.

v Induce calmness and sharper mind It sharpens the psyche to reduce performance stress, anxiety and enhance optimistic mental outlook.
v Helps protect in diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and atherosclerosis Acts as a defense against hypertension, atherosclerosis, and diabetes, heart ailments which all can cause erectile dysfunction or poorer performance.
v It stimulates Human Growth Hormone and antioxidant Regenerate and protect the body, gives additional stamina and energy for a youthful effect.

Since we understand how holistic health affects sexual performance, we created Zenerx only with the finest, safest, natural ingredient to erection quality, size, sex drive and promote health. With Zenerx, there is more than just erection that you and your partner deserve.

The all natural ingredients Zenerx that gives a long term male enhancement. 100% Guaranteed.

1. Increase erection and size.
2. Improve sexual drive and desire.
3. Increase the strength, stamina and energy.
4. Lower anxiety level and increase confidence satisfaction for both of you, therefore, experiencing the greatest sex life ever.

To be taken 30-45 minutes prior to sex. After 2-3 weeks of intake, you will experience a noticeable gain. You can take Zenerx daily like vitamins.

So how long does it take Zenerx to work?